Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year, New Stuff!

Hello and happy belated New Year! I have been busy sleeping and stuff of that nature for the past month, and I also had a bit of writer's block so I couldn't write much of anything here. However, I did manage to create a new website on a spur of the moment. It's called Japan in 2010 and is located here. I suppose I'll redo the layout sooner or later, but I can't guarantee it because class starts in a week.

As for a rant, Bloomberg is going to ask Obama for some money for the city. I heard nothing about our crappy transportation system. Is that getting a bailout too? When do I get my bailout? When does my cat get a bailout? He needs a new fitness trainer anyway.

Well I'm gonna go tinker with the new site again.

Good day, ya'll!