Sunday, December 30, 2007

Corrections, Etc.

In my last post I said that the 2 train's rider report card result had been thrown out. This was untrue; I found the results at Second Ave. Sagas.

" The 2 landed a C and the 3 a C-minus. ...

As with a few of the other lines, I’m a bit stumped by the train announcements. The 2 got a C-minus for train announcements that are easy to hear. All of the 2 trains are the new R142s with the automatic announcements. If riders can’t hear those announcements, I’m inclined to believe that their ears — and not the trains — are at fault.

Meanwhile, I’m a veteran of all of these train lines. I grew up near the 96th St. express stop and now live near the Grand Army Plaza stop. These trains are often way too crowded, and the constant weekend service changes in Manhattan are driving its riders more than a little crazy.

5,124 riders graded the 2 line. Here are the results...
Minimal delays during trips C
Reasonable wait times for trains C
Adequate room on board at rush hour D+
Sense of security in stations C
Sense of security on trains C
Working elevators and escalators in stations C-
Signs in stations that help riders find their way C+
Signs in subway cars that help riders find their way C+
Cleanliness of stations C-
Cleanliness of subway cars C
Station announcements that are easy to hear D+
Station announcements that are informative D+
Train announcements that are easy to hear C-
Train announcements that are informative C-
Lack of graffiti in stations C+
Lack of graffiti in subway cars B-
Lack of scratchitti in subway cars C+
Courtesy and helpfulness of station personnel C
Comfortable temperature in subway cars C+
Ease of use of subway turnstiles B-
Availability of MetroCard Vending Machines B-
Overall performance C

The delays really should've gotten a D, but whatever, a C is close enough. Also, announcements aren't usually easy to hear; the conductors usually have many problems with the loudspeakers.

BTW, if you see people begging for money on the train, think twice about giving them money.  There are other ways to help them, such as donating to charities and coat drives. 

So, as the fare for unlimited and other Metrocards increases, try to have a happy new year.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

The 2 Train SUCKS.

Okay, anyone who lives on the 2 train line BETTER FILL OUT THEIR RIDER REPORT CARDS NEXT YEAR!!!!
I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN SO MANY DELAYS IN 6 MONTHS IN MY LIFE!  Yesterday was my party and I almost lost my room reservation because the train delayed for FORTY MINUTES!  What is so horrible that the MTA has to strand 300+ passengers?  You know what?  The MTA needs to form a better method of catching criminals and helping sick passengers.  It should really not take 30 minutes to do anything.  Doesn't the MTA know that people WORK?  They should be way more efficient.  If there is a problem, get the person out of the train and then KEEP IT MOVING!  People have PLACES TO BE!!!!!!  YARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I'm just so mad. The train delayed again, of course...-_-;  Waiting for a train to cross in front of it?  What was the train crossing for?!  


FILL OUT YOUR RIDER REPORT CARDS.  Do you know what they did with the ones for the 2 train?  They THREW THEM OUT.  That's because there weren't enough people who actually cared about filling out their report cards.  Also, there weren't people handing them out in the correct way.  There were many people who just left them on a ledge and didn't hand them out.  Jerks.  I picked one up from the floor.  Sigh.

So if you ride the 2 train, do yourself a favor and fill out the rider report card!  If you want to do it online, it's right here.  JUST DO IT.

>[ >m<*]<  

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New and upcoming R&B sensation- Alice Smith

Greetings from Mister-Goodvibes your main source for Indie music. For my first music review I decided to discuss the musical talent of up and coming artist Alice Smith. The New York base artist Alice smith was born in 1979, like New York her music is a melting pot. She cleverly brings the sounds of R&B, Folk, and rock into her music. With her wide range and fearless vocals she pulls her listeners into breathtaking environment where you can feel every note and slur in her voice. Ms. Smith has released her 1st album ( For Lovers, Dreamers and me ) in 2006 and her 1st single called Dream was featured in a episode of Entourage (season 4)
Within her album Smith provides a variety of sounds from gentle love songs to hardcore or drowsy ballads. With such a refreshing sound and provoking lyrics Alice smith is definitely an artist to keep your eyes one in the years to come. Her album is available on Itunes , Amazon, Rhapsody and other music sources. To find out more about Alice smith visit

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chotpy's Christmas Gift


Since Seany boy has already given a Christmas story, I come bearing gifts.

Here are some fun things I've seen around the city.

1) Steel Wool Balls, available at your local Abercrombie!

2) Cock Flavored soup!  Tasty.

3) Catch the mistake.

4) LOL.  Donate.

Ever wondered what to buy your pet on Christmas?  Go for the pet beds, which are pretty much available everywhere.  We found ours at Lot Less, which is near City Hall.  It's a great place.  My cat loves the thing and I just gave him it this morning.  Look at him bask in the warm sunlight.

Hehe.  Well I'm done.  It is Christmas, after all.  Merry Christmas to all!!!  GO GET SOME CORNBREAD!


One of the most memorable christmases yet......

Christmas is suppose to be that time of year when family gets together and "unity" and "gifts" and all that good stuff.....i think my family didnt get the memo....

Christmas Eve

im awaken by the fact that the sun isnt shining through my dusty blinds but by the same thing that wakes me up at 8....bathroom....i decide to tv the morning till anything has to be done....all my gifts are wrapped, my room is clean, the hamsters are fed, and the food is done....what am i to do....i play animal crossing till my mom leaves.

i end up trying to shower but i was too distracted by the food that was suppose to be my gram grams lunch...ended up being her diner...( i think that I AM always late....FOR EVERYTHING!!!) now im at grandmas chillin with my favorite cousin, christian....he may be in still in elementary school...but hes mad cool

so i end up walking back with my other cousin whose heading back to dominican republic, she falls asleep on my couch cuz her boyfriend has her house keys. she hand washed his shirt and after my attempt to dry it with a hair dryer....i returned to my online world. i gave up looking for a "special xxxmas gift" i decide to meet up with this dude named jon. he seems mad cool....except that our "date" took place at a twin doughnut at 1:30 in the morning....i didnt mine but i knew he was tired....

Christmas eve/day

we went back to his crib, and i chill as he talks to his roomate for a while....this gives me time to think about the decor of his room, or why he looks so much like a giant boy...its cute....i leave after deciding when we gonna actually hang i start walking towards the end of the block, i spot a ladyis distress.....i wanted to go home...but she called out to me...she was lost and her best friend was throwing a i help her find her house, she invites me in as a she knocks on the door we introduce ourselves and discover that dominicans rules....

i got free beer, which i barely drink, and danced in my was bad enough that i didnt know anyone, but they were all latino so they played the classics (bachata, salsa, merrenge) it was fun...including the semi hot guy who was checking me out but got C.B.ed by some gurl he knew...i left arounf 4, cuz i was getting intensions where to walk home cuz i was only 30 blocks....but as i walked down the 1st block, the 4 beers and shot got to me....the train was my companion.....

as i walked home....i had another affect from the liquor kicked in.....i had to pee and i wasnt near a bathroom. i created walk and pee for guys....lmaos....i run to park by my house and mark my territory on a rock and walk i descend the stairs in the park, i think back....all i wanted was a family xmas diner....a tree in the living room, and some people to open gifts with.....instead i got this....but i dont regret was an life should be.....

never forget to pull up your u scream happy non religous gift giving


Thursday, December 20, 2007

so i was on the k train.....

So im on my way to school to take my psych final. i get on the platform and as always i try and make as much eye contact as possible....(i need to be seen, you never know who that person might be)

so im on the k train...thats right...the k train...and im thinking....ok...ftw....
this is suppose to be the D...not the K....where does it even run to....but i don't question it....

The K train is full of wonder!!!...theres people who sleep through any noise...even blaring music...and theres even potheads discussing how Asian they look when there high.....

kids stay off the drugs....

speaking of drugs, heres a short clip of my new favorite show

basically its a new show on NICK JR and the premise of the show is that theres a dj, whose vynil toys come to life and play with him.
ita a basic kids show, but the one thing that makes it stand out its music. by far one of the best in kids show. its very "now" as some would say. they have alot on under ground bands play, even fusing rock with rap and it all works...honestly...the show is an acid trip...but with an awsome sound track...

if u can, watch it. it comes on NICK JR at 11:30....
my fave is the lil green dude...his name is brobee....

as i always say....dont forget to pull up your pants.....


I Shall Whine at the Masses~

Good morning! I have been a lazy buttcluck! I have researched the K train and I think the MTA was just being lazy and ran out of D train labels...I've seen some crazy stuff but geez MTA, stop bein' so lazy.  However, if the K train does make a comeback, I wish to RIDE IT!!!

>:d In other news, Chotpy[I be speakin in 3rd person] has been riding daily, and has many gripes...

Look at this space here between these to people:
Now, I am at a pretty normal weight for a person my height, some say I'm skinny or whatever, but I had the courtesy to stand up despite the ten or so inches of open space.  Who [besides a child] can fit in there?  NO ONE!  DO NOT SIT THERE IF THERE IS NOWHERE FOR THE PEOPLE TO MOVE!  This lady comes on and asks them to move and inches her way into the seat.  Uncomfortableness ensues.

NUMERO DOS, what is with people playing their music on their cellphones without buying headphones for it?  DUDE, if you can afford the cellphone and the bill, you can afford some $20 headphones.  YAAARRRRR!!!

I officially cannot stand people who walk slowly.  Maybe it's just because I've grown up in NYC, but every time I walk down 42nd street, I want to yell at people like this dude does to his cats.
 ~_~ tourists...

Last thing, don't complain about the fact that people can't go into the train when there's a flood coming out.  That's just some serious douchebaggery.  Everyone has to wait to get inside, so don't make it worse by actin a fool and complaining.  I swear, someone with Tourette's is gonna get on the train one day.



Sunday, December 16, 2007

Horrible Weather, America's Smartest Model, + Fashion!!!

Wow, so I'm totally disappointed in who won on America's Most Smartest Model...  I wanted Ruski to win 'cause he was cute.  I do admit that his attitude was a car accident.  Still, I would wreck that dude if I were 10 years older.  


In other news, the weather is crap.  How do you keep warm and fashionable?  Hmmm...  There's nothing left to do but shop!!!!!
I've noticed a lot of people wearing fur coats and hats this year.  Here are some cute fur options~

Fuzzy bomber hats are very cute.  you can find them in many colors and styles online or in Chinatown...

I have also seen many people in these fur coats...I know they can be acquired around 34th street.

Honestly, I'm an advocate of not raping the skin off of an animal, so I stick to the faux fur.  It's cheaper and just as cute.  

The skinny jean trend has been going on for a long time, which makes me wonder about what the next trend will be.  I feel like all these constant changes are crazy and like New York doesn't step up its game as much as other fashion cities.  Places like Paris and Korea have some serious street style, though I do admit that Koreans tend to go too crazy with the heels.

If I were living in Korea, I'd end up being a B-girl and walk around like this all day:

I decided to look at some horrible fashion donts from Hiphoper while I was there gettin' the above pic.

First off, I have never liked New Balance sneakers.  The front of their sneakers have never gotten along with me...I know they're not fashion sneakers, but people wear them as if they are and it ruins their outfit!
Secondly, this child knows she needs to throw that sweater in the dryer about 30 times and cut that shirt down to size.  And that hat makes her head look like a mushroom...
As Andre 3000 says in "Hey Ya", I'm just being honest...


I have to go YBF on this lady.

THIS IS SOME SERIOUS KOREAN FOOLYWANG!  What is this lady wearing?!  Seriously, leggings are not pants, and they look worse on anyone who doesn't have the legs for it.  She looks like a grandma from the '80s with that shirt.  The bangs don't compliment her face either and she needs smaller glasses.  

FYI, if you want to pull off leggings as pants, try a sweater dress such as these:

They're both from Forever 21 (online and in store--there's one on Union Square if you were wondering).  The red one is $22.80; the gray one is $17.80.  These are much more flattering than a shirt that comes above the waist when wearing leggings because leggings make every part of your crotch area intensely obvious.  

One more fashion faux pas from Hiphoper:


Well that's all for today!  Enjoy sloshing around in what's left of snow!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

life happens.......

so i was on my way to work when (bum bum bum!!!!).. the trains dont kinda early so i decide to call my boss and let them know what happend. i report 2 line doesnt work. as im talking to my boss, i over hear another guy talking to his girl about how there was an thinking (wtf....another one!!!) i walk to the 4 5 6 line cuz they stop near my job....turns out...ITS ALSO F-ED UP!! by this point im getting pissed...i ask a cop to see wth had happened turns out theres a manhole explosion on 149th.....right where all those trains

i text chopty to see if she knew anything, turns out the cop was right. there were no casualtys. so im down to my last resort...take the D. i run to the bus which is packed by angry passengers who dont know whats going on, and head on...once i get to the D, i relax...but i like around and everyones staring at a dragqueen who sat like (DAM....LEAVE THAT HE/SHE/THING ALONE!!!....YALL ACTING LIKE YALL NEVA SEEN ONE BEFORE!!!)
i finally make it to the bronx, and had to take another packed bus, and im still texting chopty. im an hour late to work, and im hungry as a mofo...i make it...but my boss is like...i told u wat

the lesson i learned....just call in im joking....always have a back up plan cuz u never know....

dont forget to pull up ur pants....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The letter of the day is: Q.

So today was a very hellish, snowy, haily, slushy day.  I HATED it and decided to record my hatred of today's hellweather.  BOOOOO.

I also took the liberty of attempting to upload the squeaky video again.

YAY, it worked.

There are lots of great sales going on right now at many stores in the city.  A few great ones are at Kinokuniya [Rockefeller Center near Nintendo World], Toys R Us, Target, and Best Buy.  I can name plenty of things that I'd love to buy during the holiday season~~

Gadgets are a Chotpy's best friend!  I'm always looking up stuff about them.  So far, the top 5 unlocked phones on CNET are:

The real competition is obviously between Sony Ericsson and Samsung.  I've never tried SE, but I love Samsung.  It has one of the best user interfaces.

I'm looking for some really cute handkerchiefs, but those are hardcore rare in the States since no one uses them.  I think I'm going to go back to Kinokuniya one day and look for them.  I don't know of any other place to find them?  

They're all over Japan b/c they use them for everything.  An example of the large variety is here.

I'm gonna ask around.

Until next time, have a safe and productive New York day!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Squeaks, Bums, and Douchebags

I get lazy when my freakin' phone doesn't bluetooth things to Windows.  Mac, you win this time.
I got on the train in the morning yesterday wondering why my car was less full than the other ones.  Well, I got my answer.  There was a urine-like smell emanating from a homeless woman who was seated in the corner.  As usual, there was a ten feet gap between her and any source of human life.

Here she is in her corner...

If you're gonna stay in the car, move FAR away.  Scents travel far.
These poor people...

In other news, today there was a manhole explosion on 149th street?  I didn't know about it until I got on the 6th at 23rd [where I saw Sukanya Krishnan with some ATL people, friends of hers who must've been on their way back to ATL].  The announcer was dead set on telling everyone to stop trying to fit if there was no space and that there was another train behind that one at EVERY STOP.  At 103rd, the dude spazzed.  30 or so people got off, and there were around the same number waiting to get on.  The conductor decides to shut the door while ppl are getting on.  WTF!
Dude needs a hug.

And lastly, some people need to just DO THE RIGHT THINGGGG!  If the car doors are left slightly open and are squeaking and you're sitting next to them, JUST CLOSE THE DOORS!  Jeez!  Look at this crap!

For 10 minutes I had to sit through that!  TEN MINUTES OF HELL, THEY WERE!  
YARRR!  Okay, well other than that, stuff's all good.  MTA, thanks for not raising the base price.  Your service isn't funtastic [which it needs to be], but at least single rides are still $2. 

People, stay well, and always remember to walk quickly on the streets of New York~

%*Chotpy*%  \[ * w ~ ]/

Monday, December 10, 2007 comes

So I've finally decided to show my face.....or in more correct terms, my words. For anyone who must know, I'm the infamous Sean K also known as Sean Kaoz. My lil homie Chopty recruited me for this and thus i came into existence. So whats there to say? i've never blogged before but i guess i could give it that old college try.

I was recently inspired by an artist I happen to stumble upon (not through firefox, lol) We meet on a site and I checked out his website. I find his work quite amazing. seeing as I've been stagnate in the art world and haven't produced anything in a while, I also found it inspiring. I've been in a rut, and as hard as it is to admit this, Gwen was right. if you recently happen to see her new hp commercial, you'll know that "its just that simple and its just that hard..."
Check it:click here
Heres that artist:click here

But other than that, I'm a simple kinda guy. though I'm notoriously known for being emo, I have my reasons. Hopefully our lil bapie will transmutate till something huge. I guess thats good for now. once I get a grasp on this thing called life, and the blogging thing I'll be back till then...never forget to pull up your pants....


Sunday, December 9, 2007

QR codes...?

Well today was a buttfarb day, as is every sunday in which I argue with my loving mother.
ANYWHO, I've been poking at another BApie member, Sean K, or whatever he wishes to call himself, to finally update here as well.  He has an interesting life.  He is also quite the uterus.  Whenever he updates, be sure to give him a HUZZAH!
I've been looking at a buncha japanese magazines [because I am a fashion lover] and they have boxes like these on a lot of their ads.

So, for the 500th time this year, I looked up what they were.  Finally, I found this page here:  The QR Code is not your father’s barcode

"Imagine a concert promo poster with a printed code that when photographed by a standard camera phone displays a menu of options: listen to this band, purchase tickets for their next show, or take me to their website. Select the option you want and presto, your mobile phone does the rest. Pretty powerful stuff from a marketer’s perspective … but can all this be done with a barcode?

Two-dimensional data matrix bar codes have been around for quite some time. The basic data matrix code consists of a series of black and white squares arranged in either a square or rectangular pattern. 
Unlike regular barcodes, which read in a single direction only, QR codes encode data in two dimensions and allow information to be decoded at a much higher speed. The codes are very resilient--even if partially damaged, the data can still be extracted from the bar code.

The best-known 2D matrix code is QR Code. It was created by the Japanese corporation, Denso-Wave, in 1994. The "QR" stands for quick response, as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at a high speed. With the capacity to hold 2,953 binary bytes, a QR Code can contain an impressive 7,089 numeric characters or 4,296 alphanumeric characters.

When compared to the matrix code that the United Parcel Service (UPS) created to help with logistics identification, the QR Code has a much greater capacity in about the same physical size. The UPS code holds just 138 numeric characters or 93 alphanumeric characters.

I finally understood, and because of this, I WANTED A QR CODE READER!  So, I was in search of one for hours.  I found a few, such as the Jaxo reader, the QuickMark reader, and the Kaywa reader, but none worked.  So I tried the UpCode Reader and the NeoReader.  Both told me that the camera didn't work with the Java app.  

Oh well...  I expected too much of you, Samsung phone...  



Saturday, December 8, 2007

Babies on the Train, Weirdos and Hamsters

Well, yesterday I was out late at an arcade as usual.  I was coming home on the train, expecting to get a nice sleep.  That didn't happen, thanks to the "LOOK AT MY DANCE" girl. Not only did she repeat those words every other second, but she was drooling and screaming and the mother did nothing but enjoy this.  Meanwhile, half the car woke up and stared at her...

I guess I fell asleep during one of the intervals of her yelling.  The point is, don't let your kids be loud on the train.  That's just RUDE.

In other news, people are weird at night.  I think these dudes were drunk and were singing the weirdest version of the oldie, Shout.  It must've been weird for the people at 42nd street.
Check it.

I also went to PETCO with my friend the other day [which totally made me late for my early time to work...] and saw the cutest albino mice.  They are ADORABLE.  I do not understand why people hate mice...

And the Chinchilla comment...That was this here.  This is the Diego Chinchilla.
This is a real chinchilla.

WTF!  The Diego one looks like a lemur!

Maybe it's just me.  I'm just not feeling the chinchillaness, dude...


Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Like Batman, Shoes, and...La La La...?

There's a lot of fashion hidden from the pages of The Sartorialist.  I just have to get the courage to ask the fashionistas if I can shoot some pics of them.  For now, I have some SHOES!  Yay.
I found this one on 110th Street.  Nice.  I love the way it looks buttoned, but they're a bit too high for my tastes.
If I were taller, I'd attempt.  

Then I saw this guy at 149th Street (Bronx) with some gray/lime green sneakers with striped matching laces.
You go, child.

In other news, I have respect for a man who held the doors for people who were 6 miles away from the train.  This dude holds the door for 30 seconds, some dude runs in and he lets go.  The dude APOLOGIZES!  I couldn't be mad at him for that.  Some guy yells, "Superman!  You should wear an 'S' on your chest!"
The dude responded, "Thanks.  I like Batman more."

And last, but not least,  I GRIPE!

Today, I secretly kick those who exit a train downstairs, slowly climb the MTA stairs, and make people miss the train upstairs.  I KICK YOU!!!  YARRR!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Post!

Well, this is the first post.  BApie is done by those who live in New York City.  We(the writers) were born and raised here, and there is a lot to be found.

First off, I would like to request that people not touch themselves when travelling.  No, I do not mean you cannot poke someone.  I'm talking about that full-on trying to discreetly [OR NOT] put you hand in your pants, whether it is through a pocket or not.  No one pays $2 to watch someone do that on the train.  If you want to do it at home or at a friend's, GO RIGHT AHEAD.  Don't do it on my train, please.

Now, I've seen this dude twice so I guess he was onto me when i decided to attempt to take a pic/vid of him [so the rest of the world would be able to see who they should avoid when on the train] and turned away.  
Luckily the hand was still there for the REST of the train to see.  HUZZAH.

Well, here's his hand in all its greatness.

Isn't he just the most unsuspicious of all characters?
Well at least you know what this one is wearing.  

Look out, NYC!  Man in khakis is out to discreetly stroke his wookie in front of you!
I, Chotpy, greatly enjoy icons.  Here's one to show how I felt when I witnessed this dude.