Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year, New Stuff!

Hello and happy belated New Year! I have been busy sleeping and stuff of that nature for the past month, and I also had a bit of writer's block so I couldn't write much of anything here. However, I did manage to create a new website on a spur of the moment. It's called Japan in 2010 and is located here. I suppose I'll redo the layout sooner or later, but I can't guarantee it because class starts in a week.

As for a rant, Bloomberg is going to ask Obama for some money for the city. I heard nothing about our crappy transportation system. Is that getting a bailout too? When do I get my bailout? When does my cat get a bailout? He needs a new fitness trainer anyway.

Well I'm gonna go tinker with the new site again.

Good day, ya'll!


Thrila said...

ugh, i'm really starting to hate money now. we should all go back to hunting and trading deer hide as currency P:

Thrila said...

duuude. do you need more writiers or something? this blog is like a little starving child ;A;

Big Apple Pie said...

LOL i kinda do, cause i get really busy o_O;;;; as u can see im mad late :D