Sunday, January 27, 2008



It's been a cold, cold week. However, you can still look hot in this chilling weather! My favorite thing to wear this winter is a long sweater that ends around the middle of the thigh. There are many available at Forever 21 for good prices, as well as the Boyfriend Cardigan from GAP.


GAP's Boyfriend Cardigan

These are all intensely comfortable!

It was my local Californian friend's birthday this week! GO HIM! Dance in his Californian house! Here are some pictures of a sleeping man on the 6 train to celebrate his day.

He started out leaning over on his bag.

He randomly woke up and then laid his legs on the chair. WTF?

At least he was comfortable, I guess...
Don't emulate this guy. The other half of the car was full.

I'm not alone in my disliking of the MTA! Turns out that my good friend THRILA also recently experienced some subway hardships.

I hate you MTA Okay, no big surprise, who doesn't right? But today- how am I stuck on the train for a half-hour longer than normal hunched over like an old man with serious arthritis?! I don't know what's been going on with the trains as of this week, but it seems like everything goes wrong on the week that I go to class by myself. I couldn't even take in a breath without having my chest be some perv's arm rest. And it seems like everyone wanted to read my id number off of my bristol pad this morning. My idiotic fault for writing it there in the first place, but what the heck do those numbers mean to anyone else not going to the same school as me? nothing! so stop reading it, isn't not some code for you to go to work and decipher on your lunch break, nor is it some l33t message that I am trying to tell the whole world. It's my id number... that's it.

BUAHAHA! Please give us better service soon, MTA!

I shall leave you with a fun store window located on 23rd & Lexington!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tomtom's Day in the City

It was still dark when the alarm annoyingly beeped me awake as the
moonlight rays that mingled with streetlights filtered through my
window. Dark like the day my moronic self decided to enter a playground
at the suggestion of a friend who wanted to go on the swings as if he
were still 9. Apparently our presence in the playground was so severe it
warranted a blaringly pink slip that demanded our presence in court just
to pay a twenty five dollar fine. It also resulted in my friend(who is 9
times 2)
getting patted down by an obese middle aged donut chomping
coffee guzzling member of New York's finest. I was lucky enough to be
exempt from the special treatment for the simple fact that I have a
vagina and a set of breasts that could feed all of Africa and maybe some
other starving islands because no female officer was present. What a
shock, I know.

This lovely morning I awoke myself before the crack of dawn to make
myself present for this joyus occasion that was my court date: January
22, 2008. So my breasts and I journeyed to the Federal district where I
wandered aimlessly (I happened to lose that pink slip of joy months ago)
until I found this wonderful friend of mine to wait for our day in
court. It just so happened we were an hour early in New York's lovely
morning winter weather and not allowed to enter the court house early,
us being common criminals and all.

I suppose we were the youngest convicts to grace that courtroom, being
that you only heard our voices and reasonating laughter through out the
courtroom. Those other ex cons, they have no sense of humor. My
wonderful friend was repremanded for putting his sneaker clad feet on
the benches. We had such graceful courtroom ettiquite. And so we
youthful, giggling spazatastic teenagers cracked jokes and fiddled with
our Christmas gifted gadgets until the judge entered. Why he decided to
grace us with our presence 3 hours later when he arrived before all of
us evil doers, I'll never know.

My good old pal got his name misprounced as he was called to the stand.
His horrific crime of being in a city park after dusk was declared and
the judge asked him his age. Upon answering the judge, he was dismissed and his charges would be cleared in six months. I was called next and my turn yielded the same results. Almost at least. I didn't leave my brand new sixty dollar headphones and PSP on the bench.

And so, with the excuse of having a court date, us responsible
youngsters, we played hooky. College students can do that cause they're
wasting their parent's hardearned money for that one essential day that
they should have been getting jiggy with the learning. We wandered from the Federal district into the lavish Chinatown and then the shopaholic's glory that is SoHo. We pranced about the store, sampling and gawking at the high end products on display. Choke on that Target.

We wandered until the purported snow storm of the century began and
ventured back to school. We sat in the cafeteria, wasting more time till
classes finished. And then I was informed that a handsome, talented
young actor had passed away in a SoHo apartment. I googled the topic for 5 minutes till I was bored and dismissed the statement as a rumor. And a half hour later, a slew of media coverage poured out on the topic, indulging celebrity obsessed, tabloid gobblers of the scant details of his suspicious sounding death.

Even my friend who usually dismisses the ongoings of the glitz covered happenings of Hollywood's young stars was researching the event. That's a shocker coming from a guy like him. We were sorely disappointed at the young actor's death since a trailer featuring his lastest film kept us excited for its release. And then I dropped the topic. Took a nap, went to the gym, while all of America's teenyboppers and celebrity obsessed cried their eyes out.

Those who are much more engaged in the life of a fallen pop starlet that
their own nation's next leader. Those who mourned and sobbed while I
shamelessly showered and slept soundly for the next day which would be
chock full of schooling. Why yes, it's tragic to lose such a gifted
member of the world so young, I shockingly choose to concern myself with my own dull life instead of wailing and telling everyone I know. Suprisingly, I find my own life that much more interesting.


If you want to send us your story about the city, email us at

Jazz VS. Subway Preacher

I've seen some pretty crazy stuff in my lifetime, but today had to be the weirdest experience ever.  There was a jazz band commissioned by the MTA on one side and a random dude with a mic on the other preaching.  It was like being in Greek limbo[LOOK IT UP].  I think they were having some sort of competition to see who could be loudest.

I wonder who won.

I have also determined that the people who paint the bathrooms in the Barnes and Noble on 86th Street [3rd ave] uses weird paint that smells worse than 1,000 elephant butts filled with the gas of 100,000 beans.   It's such a drab gray too.  

Do all people walk with their feet pointing outward? 


Yesterday I saw a guy wheeling himself backwards.  I am confused.  I'm sure he could've just pushed.  Maybe he was tired.  The thing about people is that you don't know if they'll thank you or yell at you until your ears bleed, so all you do is watch.


I've noticed that less men are willing to give up their seat for a woman with many bags or a tired woman.  Sometimes they won't even give up their seat for a woman with kids.  I don't understand what the big deal is if you're not carrying anything.  The kind thing to do is to stand, but maybe it's a gender equality thing?  Can someone clarify it for me?

Well, I'm a tired maha, so I shall venture off into the depths.

The incredible inedible Chotpy ♥

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I totally mentioned this a few posts ago, and then yesterday this guy came on the train, sat down and whipped out a cigarette.  Please do not follow him.  It is not okay to smoke on the subway.

In other news, there are some great musicians in the subway.  This one was found at the Lorimer on the L/G line.

Goodvibes was being a douche.  =_=; ♥
You can find other musicians in random stations such as 34th street and 42nd street. People also play instruments on different subway lines.

It's cold outside, but Elmo knows how to warm our hearts.  Here's Elmo in front of Bryant Park, waving to all of his beloved freezing New Yorkers.

I'm looking for some warm flat boots.  I'll add those later.
For now, stay warm in this 20 degree weather!  Keep those lips chap-free!

Queen Latifa says:


♥ Chotpy

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Men and Pink

Yo, yo!  I've been gone for a bit 'cause I got consumed with art projects and the like!  However, I am back from outer space, and I'm walkin up in here with a sad look upon my face.  You should've changed that stupid lock...
Anyway, men and pink.  I dunno.  Maybe I'm old fashioned, but seeing those two together kinda weirds me out.  Imagine seeing a buff dude in a pink hat like this one.

I thought he looked doofy, but he's got confidence, so I guess he pulled it off[?].  I also saw a guy in pink Nikes and cap.  It was interesting, I only knew he was a guy because he had a manly face.  The line between man and woman continues to blur.  I can't tell women from men much anymore either, since so many have fallen in love with clothes 30 times their size.  Maybe one day, men [again] will be in the skirts while the women walk around in powersuits negotiating big business issues.  


In other news, there's a new piece of artwork on the 6 line.  It reminds me of the good old days at Coney Island, when the boardwalk wasn't a deathtrap and the sand was clean [okay, it's never been clean].

You go, MTA's favorite artist.

Ima, I shall leave you with a weird LEGO dude I found.

He looks like a weirdo with his sleveless tux.

Peace and chicken grease!

Monday, January 14, 2008

PDA in the

so usually im the type to be against pda on the subway...but there are times when its something that cant be helped....

first off, for those of you who wont admit to knowing what pda is not an electronic device that records your acronym that stands for "public display of affection". now that the technical stuff is out the way we can get to the point of this .....

now there are many ways this can ill break this down as simple as it can be.....

TYPES- there are many different types of pda. some by sony, apple, but seriously pda can range to holding hands to a full out make-out session. holding hands is cute except when maneuvering through a crowed street in which it becomes a giant game of "whip"....or thats what i think its called (that game were the kids hold on to each other hands as the run trying to whip each other off by could be called snake....idk)
kissing can be cool but realize that there are people around you...and children....lets not taint their "pure" minds....the media is taking care of that...anything other than that is just wrong....public display of fun...lamos...but can be dangerous....ill leave it at that....

this is a fun one. people, just cause you see something in a movie or a music video realize that it was staged. stopping in the middle of the street isnt as romantic when your death is due to impact from an 18 wheeler. to add to that, hugging in the rain may seem romantic at the time but realize that people are trying to run home...and that you could catch your death in certain types of weather. be creative but considerate...

as much as it pains me to write this, we don't live in a perfect world. realize that how ever many laws are passed, people are still gonna be dicks and a-holes so i say this...we should be able to kiss, and hold hands when we want to...but there were, and might be times when that can cause be prepared....pepper spray works..a lil self defense doesnt

to wrap this up, i leave you with this. love is something that is meant to be shared. its beautiful even if your bitter and angry.....but also realize that though it feels like its just you 2 alone at that moment, it might not be for my gays...power to us...but we should be able to do it when, where

as fitting as this sounds....don't forget to pull up your pants...

Friday, January 11, 2008

BAPie's Subway Tips for Tourists and Regulars

Holla!  Today, I shall give tips you'll need to keep the peace on the train.  Lately there have been a lot of disturbing people on the train and it's not fun being around them, so if you do decide to go on the train, try your hardest not to disturb anyone.
When on the train, please:

• don't stamp your feet.
People sleep on the train and the noise wakes them up.  People get cranky when this happens.  This also attracts unwanted attention.  Keep your feet on the ground or in the air, it's your choice.

• quiet your children.
Nobody likes it when a kid is screaming, especially when the parent sits there and does NOTHING.  If your child starts yelling, whether it's screaming "I LOVE YOU" or "I WANT COOKIES," please clam them down.

• don't yell or curse at people you don't know.
That kinda stuff is rude.  This dude called someone [it could've been me =_=*] a dumbass when we were getting off the train.  People start fights over things like that.  If you're trying to be the bigger person, be quiet or say something calmly.  There's no better way to solve a problem than to do it without causing more problems.

• don't dance.
PLEEEASE don't dance.  I've seen people do the one-person grind on the train.  It's annoying to be the one sitting down in front of them.  It's also awkward to watch someone dance with the door.  It's even worse when you look like you're having a withdrawal issue: 

• turn your cellphone volume down.
We don't want to hear your twinkly ringtones or your entire conversation.  In fact, Boost Mobile is the bane of my existence.  Every time a BM user gets on the train, they have that walkie talkie function on FULL BLAST, and it's usually at night.  TURN IT DOWN.

• keep your voice down.
This is perhaps the most irritating thing, especially when added to the cellphone volume.  People like to yell and scream, but the other riders just want to sleep.  I try to be quiet when I'm with friends, so for the comfort of others, shouldn't you try as well?

• don't get drunk or smoke.
Drunk people slump over and lean on people.  It's not fun.  It's really scary, and the fact that they could throw up is not at all comforting.  Please don't come on the train when you're drunk.  Get a taxi or have a sleepover.  Don't smoke either.  The police will come after you.  This applies most to tourists.

•don't hold the doors open.
Everyone knows this one, but they still do it.  Realize that you hold up 500+ people when you hold the doors open.  'Nuff said.

So, dear people and tourists, remember these tips for riding the subway without trouble.  I must also warn you that the delays are depressing.  Here's an example from yesterday when the 6 local train went express to 86th street from 125th street, holding a 4 express train in the station for almost 10 minutes.

Delays have become a part of life, though New Yorkers absolutely despise the MTA for them.  We're working on it.

Well, that's all for today.  I shall leave you with this!

♥ Chotpy!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

20th Post!

Happy 20th post!!!

Let's get down to business!  


You know that played-out idea of wearing pants under the boo-tay?  This guy here didn't get the message that pants go over the butt.

Dear men of New York the World,
Please pull up your pants.  No one needs to see you gluteus-infused muffin top.  it's great that your underwear is black and all, but please, for the sake of the children, pull up your pants and keep them there.

All Fashionable Humankind

I also saw a dude with funky shoes.  The rest of his outfit had NOTHING to do with the genre of fashion that these shoes came from.  The silver print on the black leather shoes stood out compared to the monochromatic sneakers.


Yesterday, there were a lot of seagulls in Harlem.  It was awkward.  I've always been wary of them because they are prone to crapping on you when you least expect it.  They should be called crappergulls or something, the evil bums...

Global warming is in full effect, bringing us rain tomorrow and highs way above normal.  Rain in January, who would've thought that'd happen?

...I miss 1997, when  it snowed in January and Michael Jackson wasn't accused of giving children Jesus Juice.  Those were the days~

Until next time,  your local hostess with a large amount of city-related knowledge,

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Global Warming is REAL; THUNDERCATS ARE GO!!!!!!

Okay, if you don't believe that global warming is real by now, FOX News, then you must be on some other planet!  Just a few days ago, the windchill was 3 degrees Fahrenheit.  In a few days, the high is going to be in the low 60's.  Something is wrong here.  Whatever, let me act like it's not happening [though it totally ISSSSS].

So today I was down around 40-deuce street, as Sean enjoyed putting it.  I saw Juno, which was a good movie.  I recommend it to anyone who is over 16, since it's funny, but in a mature way [most of the time].  It was sold out at 66th street, so my friend and I had to buy tickets at 42nd.  We also got creative since there were nearly no seats left.  Sean, my friend and I pulled up the arm rests and turned 2 seats into a 3 person couch.  It rocked.  Getting to 42nd was nice, I stared at the lights between 59th and 50th street.  I felt like a mosquito...

Sooo pretty.
Well, when I got down to 42, my friend and I were mesmerized[as usual] by the lights there too.  I never noticed how annoying everything there is.  Everything is just so flashy, overpriced, and touristy.  I think I've discussed this before in previous entries.  It's not their fault [?], they're just doin' what they can to make money, ne? Anywho, the many marquees and flashing lights make the streetlights obsolete.  I think the city would save thousands a year by cuttin' those off.

I'm sorry, Pink...

We bought out tix an hour early so that we wouldn't be screwed over again.  Totally worth the money[go during the matinee and save $4].

I Love New York's reunion is on.  There's a homophobe an hour into the show, it's really weird and annoying xD I didn't expect it at all.  It was one of those random guys no one remembers.  He just decided to interrupt Pretty's conversation with Buddha and the others and talk about how protecting another man is gay[?].  Isn't that how bros act with each other?  I thought good buds[brohams and the like] stood up for each other.  I don't understand people like that x_x.  Wow.  This show is crazy.  You know what else is crazy?  The Jonas Brothers.  Props to my good friend for finding this.  Whoa, DEJA VU.

...People are ignorant.

And there's the lesson for today.

Peoples be ignant, yo.  Foshizz.


♥♥♥ Chotpy ♥♥♥

Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's Cold Outside...

Okay, it's disgustingly cold. I guess it could be worse, as Sukanaya said on the CW11 Morning News. There could be a foot of snow out there. Still, at wind chills around 3 degrees, I think New York has a right to complain.  It was so cold outside, people kept their hats, gloves, earmuffs, and scarves on while riding the train. It was comfy, but still. 

I saw some cool shoots[shoe+boots] as well. The shoots are available at Payless right now. They're cute.  Unfortunately, it's not on the website so they're probably in the clearance aisle now.  

I received wonderful sneakers this morning.  After scouring about 10 websites, I found the perfect red skate shoes to replace my decrepit 4-5 y/o ones.  Here they are in all their shoe-y glory.  Gravis Lowdown Hi-cuts.  ~$60 on  These are the women's ones, but they also have men's ones.

I think they're funderful shoes.  I gave them a run today, they fit well.  I'm not really going to skate in them as much as I'll be playing DDR in them because they'll prevent me from slipping[skate shoes are good for arcade versions of DDR because of the good grip].  Good advice: it's best to order a half size up with any shoes you order online.

And now on to the more weird parts of today!  My buds and I got bored and decided to scour the lands of 86th Street!  We entered Circuit City with the intention of playing demos.  


Here is a fun clip of the Prince[Katamari Damacy] dancing to Justin Timberlake's SexyBack[they played his entire album].

There were also other oddities including a random lady who screeched at us while we walked by.  Sadly, I didn't have the time to whip out my phone, as she proceeded to cross the street as if she had never screeched at us.
Oh yeah, if you're ever bored and there are Legos in the area, make some cool stuff out of them and send it to us.  That stuff is hella cool.  Here's my PAC MAN!

It took me a lot of yellow pieces and a lot of moving children to complete it, but it was TOTALLY worth it.

Last but not least, there's an awesome group of people who give out sandwiches, soap, deodorant, etc.  It makes me glad to see generous people out there to do something.  Hopefully they'll form a huge charity that goes on the train and does this, but it's good to at least see someone do it.

Now, I shall leave you with a sweet quote from a random dude on the train.

To a man who is slowly walking through the train with a coffee cup:
"Whaddya want, a quarter, buddy?  You got the cup!"

I did it for the lulz,
♥ Chotpy

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Yeah!!!

Well, it's a new year, and with that, there come new goals!

Chotpy's resolutions for BAPie are:
1) To get an obscene amount of pageviews.
2) To gain a loyal group of readers!
3) To get lots of comments, because she loves reading opinions of others~
4) To change the world somehow!

I wonder what Seanny and Goodvibes' goals are~

On to other things.  I've always wondered if the unlimited Metrocards bought from the machines start the day you buy them or the day you USE them.  I really need to know because I hate paying more for those things.  

While weight loss is usually the number one resolution, I've heard that saving money has topped the list this year.  So, Chotpy has decided to point out a few places to get cheap eats and fashions in New York City.

Polash Indian Restaurant.  2179 3rd Ave.  NY, NY.  [212]410-0276
Hella good food.  I suggest the Garlic Naan, the Tandoori Chicken, and any kind of Curry.  It's such an amazing place to eat and is never crowded.  Great service as well.  Near the M101/103.  It's near 116th, I believe it's between 118th and 119th.
Kiraku Japanese Restaurant.  1948 Williamsbridge Rd.  BX, NY. [718]379-8866
Really good!  They deliver and everything.  It's one of the few Japanese restaurants in the Bronx and their fish is delicious.  The edamame's good too!  The service is pretty good depending on how decisive you are [ ^-^;] but it you pretty much know what you want, it's all good.  You can take the 8 bus there.  It's really obvious because the front of the store is red.
Au Bon Pain.  There's a bunch of them everywhere, dude..
Pretty good bread, which is obvious by the name.  Good selection of soups, but you can get cheaper fruits at the fruit stands...
Subway.  Also all over, but some are cheaper than others.
The Subway near Union Square on 14th Street gives a 10% student discount.  They also have the calories next to most of their stuff, which makes you more aware of what you're eating...
Tasty Dumpling.  54 Mulberry St.  Chinatown, NYC.
Almost every restaurant in Chinatown is cheap.  This one makes the most awesome dumplings.  Sometimes the service can be a little rude, but overall it's alright.  There's also another dumpling place around the corner that makes fried pork dumplings, but the service tends to be worse there and there's no place to sit.  However, there's more of a menu at Tasty Dumpling and there's 3 tables.  Huzzah!
Egg Custard King Cafe.  2 locations in Chinatown, closer one is 76 Mott St.  Chinatown, NYC.
Intense portions, TINY price.  The food's good, the menu makes you giggle [Horlick's and Chicken Ding lol].  What's not to love?  Go!  Share with your friends!  It's a nice place.  Try to sit away from the glass; the slamming noise gets annoying.
Silk Road Cafe.  30 Mott St.  Chinatown, NYC.
Good bubble tea and muffins.  They have grapes, too.  They hold karaoke on Friday nights, so you can get your groove on while eating.  Also an internets cafe.

•Nearly Everything in the Elizabeth Center, Chinatown.
There's an amazing amount of giftables and a few clothing stores with a nice selection.  Some of the shoe prices are painful, but about the same as Foot Locker in most cases.
• 5.7.9, Mandee, Strawberry's.  Locations around the city.
There is one on 105th Street and 3rd Ave.  Sales are good.  Women's clothes only.
• Forever 21.  One known location in Union Square [14th Street]
Good prices, cute clothes.  What's not to love?  Women's clothes only.
• The Salvation Army.  
That place is a GOLD MINE.  You can find rollerblades for $15, shirts for $5, and exercise tapes for less than $5!  There are locations throughout NYC.  Go!
• Goodwill.  Locations throughout NYC.
Prices are a bit higher than the Salvation Army, but also really good!!!  Lots of good T-shirts with fun slogans on them and cute skirts.
• Target.  2 known locations, Brooklyn [around Atlantic Ave.] and the Bronx [by the 1 train on 225th St.]
Great selection of clothes, food, and electronics.  Near lots of other great stores such as Marshall's.
•Pay Half.  Locations throughout NYC.  
You literally pay half [or less] in most cases.  Good sales as well, lots of gift selections.  Good balance of men's and women's clothes.

If anyone has more suggestions, leave a comment!


love, chotpy