Saturday, March 8, 2008

Why is There No Bronx-Queens Subway Line Yet?

So I took a took at a random subway map today after looking at the AMNY yesterday, only to realize that a Queens-Bronx train line should've been created A LONG TIME AGO.

Look at this. It takes 2 hours to get from the Bronx to Queens when it could take around 45 minutes. If they had a train that left from Jackson Avenue on the 2 line, connected with the 6, and crossed over the river, it could meet with the N line at Ditmars Boulevard.

I feel that this is as important, if not more important than the T train. This should've existed long ago. Manhattan has enough train lines. The people in the Bronx can't even get to other parts of the Bronx without taking NUMEROUS buses. How about making some more train lines for the outer boroughs? I guarantee that this train would gain ridership in a SECOND. This line has been in planning for years. I hope that this will be built IN SOONER THAN FORTY.

That is my question of the week.


♥ Chotpy


Rayne said...

kitty...isn't the bronx to queens train the 2nd avenue train the mta are "supposedly" in the works on building right now? or am i getting my "facts" wrong? though, i must say that your improv pink X train is really purrty. i would totally take that train if i were at your house and i was going to remy's house. O_o (it's a pink train! they should really make it pink!...okay. i'm done now.)

Big Apple Pie said...

incorrect! they are two totally different projects that the mta is "working on"!

Rayne said...

really? well then i did get my facts wrong....but still, they still should have an X train that's pink. that would be so totally FIERCE! XD