Thursday, February 28, 2008


Why don't people automatically leave one turnstile open for those who need to swipe in?  Today, I missed my train because of this.  I'm pretty sure it's smart and considered courteous to do such a thing, but maybe we expect too much of the world.

I wonder the same thing when older people and women with bags are left standing on the train while younger guys sit there.  Maybe I expect too much, but I know that back in the old days, it was gentlemanly to give your seat up to  your elders and those in need.

When is a Target store coming to Manhattan?  There's one in Brooklyn, Queens, and in the Bronx.  Why isn't there one on 42nd Street [where they love to advertise]?  It has confused many and wasted money on train fare.  Maybe Target wants to lose money to Duane Reade and every clothing shop in that area.  

Speaking of Target, I want to check out their Converse One Star Straight Leg jeans.  

They look comfortable and I've been wanting some low-rise straight legs for about a year.  I'm usually ahead of the fashion scene.  My favorite looks recently have been girly pinks combined with semi-loose denim and bold sneakers.  Here are some examples:

Thanks to for the scans.  

This style's not TOO popular in the US yet, though I've seen more girls dressing TOTALLY like guys [it's very awkward, you end up staring, trying to figure out whether they're a girl or not].  A mix of both is very cute IMHO.  

Well, I'm all talked out, so ♣ PEACE! ♣

♣, Chotpy

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