Monday, June 2, 2008

Cheap and Fun Things to Do in New York City

Ohisashiburi [it's been a long time]!

Have you been well?  I sure have.  Finals went well and so on and freedom is here!


1) Have a picnic in your local park or Central Park.
This is a wonderful idea because you will be eating and having fun.  You won't have to worry about spending money on food!  Just make sure you bring a blanket to sit on and any leisure items such as a frisbee, kite, water gun[hehe], an umbrella, or chairs.  WEAR SPF.  I know people who have been sunburnt from picnicking.

2) Walk.
Walk from 72nd street to Chinatown.  You'd never think it was fun, but it is!  Not only do you learn more about the city, you also get to burn calories! WOO!  Plus, once you get to Chinatown, you can eat cheap food from the bakeries or local restaurants!  YAHOO!

3) Go on a drawing adventure.
Pick random places in the city and go to them and draw people or things there!  You could have an art party and all draw on the same paper.  Woo!

4) Rock/tree climbing in Central Park!
Heh, so many things to do in Central Park, eh?  This is fun, just make sure you stay safe~  Don't climb trees closer to the street.  Try to go deep into the park and explore nature!  This is great for kids.

5) Window Shopping
34th Street is a great place to window shop.  When you get hungry you can stop by the local Chinese Buffet near the 1-2-3 Subway line!

6) Rollerblading/ Biking/ Scootering in the park or to & from a random location!
Exercise and travel!  How is that not wonderful.  This works really well in large parks.  Great places to ride are bridges and in suburban areas.  Most of Manhattan isn't too bike-friendly, but the outer boroughs are emptier and therefore easier to ride in.

Well, good luck having cheap fun!  SAVE THAT MONEY WELL!

With the lovings of 1,000 suns, 

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