Saturday, August 9, 2008

House Parties & Bernie Mac

I seriously HATE house parties.
It's 1:35 AM in the morning and I can't sleep. You know why? Because someone next door thinks it's okay to have an outdoor party at 1 in the morning! What kind of mess is this?
You know what sucks even more? 311 files this as a non-emergency, so I CANT SLEEP WITHOUT BLARING MUSIC IN THE EARS.

In other horrid news, Bernie Mac has passed. He was a funny man and his large eyes alone were a reason to giggle. Perhaps he is up in the good place making the angels laugh up a storm. If you didn't know, he had a disease that affected his immune system. I also heard that he was taking steroids for this and that it made his immune system worse. He was deeply loved and a great guy overall. He totally punched Dane Cook's comedy out of the window on the 27th story of the most epic non-existant building ever. Give him an airhug.

Today, it shall rain, as the angels are crying because they laughed so hard at his comedy skits.


yoon said...

hi bapie.. i remember seeing your flyer at SVA saying you do cheap flyer printing.. where can i get the info??? - DY

Big Apple Pie said...

yoyoyo! you go to! great place~!