Thursday, August 28, 2008


So recently I bought a new laptop because as a New Yorker, carrying anything over 5lbs in my bag is such a horrible task. It feels like a life sentence. I decided on the new EeePC 1000H because it was a bit larger and nicer-looking than its little cousins, the first EeePCs.

Here it is:

Cool, right? I went with the 80G because I'm a complete nerd and do love playing video games.

The Eeepc comes with a full-size keyboard, a few USB slots and an SD card reader. There is also online storage offered from ASUS, the makers of the EeePC. Overall, I'm both happy and impressed with it.

In other news, I saw a really weird guy on the train. I think he was doing drugs. Here's a still shot:

A few minutes later, he shifted forward and dropped his cigarettes; I guess he was..picking them up?  Let's hope he didn't gag after I got off the train.

I shall leave you guys with a picture of the most awkward McDonald's treat ever.

Everyone loves cone in a cup.

♥ Chotpy

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THRILA said...

wait what?

and the video didn't work for me for some reason...i pressed play and nothing happened. the video loaded then nothing happened...