Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stop Smoking While Walking!

Okay, we need a rule like this in the city.

For some reason, more people have been infecting my lungs with smog in the last month than ever before. Do people have no regard for anyone else? Why is it that no one complains about this horrible thing? When I'm walking, I don't want to smell tobacco and feel sick. I want to breathe the fresh car fumes and acid rain the city is known for.

Smokers, please stand in place and smoke.



In other news, the 2 train service has been slightly better than it was last year at this time. I've experienced two delays this month and still managed to get to school on time. Hopefully the MTA will step up some more and stop hating on the Bronx.

The T-Mobile Android phone is slowly approaching, and I AM WAITING PATIENTLY! I'm EXCITED! Here's the invite:

I wish we here at BAPie were invited. We can all dream, no? That's a joke for all us Android insiders.

Well, I'm going to go be excited about free ice cream at Tasti D Lite. PEACE!

♥ Chotpy

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