Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall in Love with Shoes

It's shopping season as everyone prepares for the fall and winter! Due to the summer-like weather in September, this may be the last time this year those precious sandals see the light of day.
Here are some shoes I've seen online that I particularly like.

Quisa 01 Burn Pu Heel

These shoes are very simple, and the burnt mustard color is matchable with many colors.

Quisa 01 Red Heel

These are the same as above, but in a much flirtier color. Red kitten heels spice up the basic jeans-and-t-shirt combination.

Gabriella Rocha 1485 Fabia

With its small point and low heel, these shoes are very simple, comfortable, and subtly sexy.

Made by Elves Lennon Leather Skimmer

These shoes, like the Quisa 01 shoes, go well with many combinations. They are also cute and flat, which makes walking easy.

Bandana Bandit

These shoes are sexy and cute, as well as easy to walk in. They are very unique as well.


Sadly, these are available only in men's sizes, but hopefully as the rise of the Winklepicker continues to gain momentum, women's sizes will appear. The buckled ones are the cutest and give a simple dress a very tough feel.

That's all for now! Enjoy your week and have a nice day.

Stand clear of the closing doors,

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THRILA said...

i think the bandana ones are my favorite, i need to buy a new pair of boots, i threw out my old pair bc of bugs D: