Friday, November 14, 2008

My experience with the G1 so far

I've had my T-Mobile G1 for a few weeks now, and I have to say that it is really helpful with many things. The Google Maps program works very well, and as my coworkers have said, the keyboard is great and the touchscreen is very responsive. T-Mobile's EDGE service is great and their 3G is amazingly fast. Google updates the android market daily, and the copy and paste function is one of the most useful tools on this phone. Web pages look stunning and the screen is very clear. To make things better, all apps are free until January.

Many have complained about the lack of a virtual keyboard, but one is in the works and should be out in January or close to that month. In all, it's a great phone and it's a joy to use.

In other news, free MetroCards are being given out, and I want one. I deserve one after the MTA's train delays on the 6 line caused me to be late for class AGAIN. Seriously, why is the MTA so inefficient? I'm tryng to be all green and environmentally clean, but they make me want to buy a car (which I don't have the money for). MTA, stop giving out all those bonuses and give me an on-time train.

That's all for today, boys and girls.
Until next time,


THRILA said...

waaaiiiiiittttt!!!!! how do you get free metrocards? ack, you must tell meeee!!! :3

seriously, that is the one thing stealing from my hard earned paycheck every week ;A;

Big Apple Pie said...

the rockettes were giving em away free xD