Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tight Clothes Don't Make you Cooler or Sweat Less!

Okay, so I've been riding on the train and I've seen a lot of people walking around in tight clothes.  They make my eyes burn and I don't really appreciate it. I know it's hot and all, but many people lose their sense of decency as soon as the summer hits.

Here is an example of what I see on the train:

So, I decided to research whether tight clothes make you sweat more or less.  I mean, I think it'd trap the sweat in your body, making you more sticky and nasty while people try to avoid looking at you.  Here's what I found.

"For instance, tight fitting clothing will make it difficult for the sweat to dry out whereas wearing loose fitting clothing will help the air to circulate and your sweat to dry off faster."

"Loose-fitting lightweight cotton clothing is best because it allows air flow in the hot humid climate. Tight clothing tends to make you sweat more and can get uncomfortable, as will synthetics like nylon. T-shirts and tank tops are the perfect wear for out-doors and are best worn untucked, allowing air to circulate. You are going to sweat!"

Well, it looks like tight clothing is completely obsolete.  So, if you think rolling up your shirt will do anything for you, all it will do is expose more of your body to heat.  Instead, try shoving a nice, well-fitting white shirt over your body like this lady here.

Thanks, and stay safe.  This is an announcement from your local Chotpy.

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