Thursday, July 10, 2008



I yell that every time I see people who are obviously tourists.  They're cute when they don't squat and take obnoxious pictures.

I've been constantly waiting for the Android phone.  T-Mobile, who recently rolled out there 3G in the big city, is supposed to have the first Android phone.  T-Mobile also recently expanded their service areas.  Even so, there are still a lot of dead spots, especially in everyone's favorite bookstore, Barnes and Noble.  I have to walk around looking for service in there!  

In other news, I've found a fun new shop! 
It's got fun stuff relating to Japanese culture such as gyaru, gothloli, and DRAMATIC CHIPMUNK!!!

click here or the above logo to check it out!

Woo!  Go support those young artists out there!  

While you're at it, go here and support the fine youngins here at BAPie!

click here or the above logo to check it out!

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