Monday, February 18, 2008

53rd Street Is a Wondrous place

Hello there!  I am back from the caves of the subway!  I hope ya'll have been well. 

The Container Store is a wondrous place full of happiness!  I've never been inside, but just walking by it is an amazing experience.  YOU MUST GO!


People like to play music on the train for money, and it seems like there are more and more Mexican musicians have come to entertain us!  The interesting part is that there is usually one accordion player.  I researched a bit and found that they are playing Norteño music.  Here are the performers!

People are jerks sometimes, such as this guy who thinks it's okay to put his leg on a public seat.  


IT'S REALLY NOT OKAY!  Don't do it, even if the train is empty.  The worst people are the ones who fall asleep doing it.  The train gets crowded and then there are 2 seats occupied by a FOOT!  Shoes are dirty and belong on the floor.  Look what you could be doing with those feet on the floor.

I saw the post-valentine's Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I suggest going.  It is as fun as the escalator on 53rd Street [E line; 51st on the 6 line], which is VERY fun indeed!!!

WHOOOOOO!!!  They really should make a subway roller coaster.  

This is pretty awesome, these kids modified the tracks.  Watch this, you won't believe it.  I'm afraid.


I shall zoom off now, but I leave you with deliciously expensive cookies from McDonald's!  Each cookie comes with a set of rhinestone-encrusted chocolate chips!!!  

It's a joke, lols.

Peace, love, and corn chips!

♥ Chotpy


thrila said...

but weren't we putting our feet up on the seat when we were heading to drawing class? O.o;

Big Apple Pie said...

buahahah only for 5 seconds, then i turned :D