Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Late Super Tuesday Recap, Giants Fanz0rs, and Moooooore!!!

Super Tuesday has passed, and now Mr. Romney has dropped out.  He was doing better than Huckabee, but meh!  Obama and Clinton are just about even.  Now to wait for the next primary!

There was a fire this Monday that put a lot of people out of work.  I wasn't that close, but I was affected by it.  The buses were PACKED, the 2 line was shut down for God knows how long, AND I lost $9 that day. 
Oh, how I miss those 9 dollars of goodness!

I had to take the D train.  It's been such a long time since I've taken the D train!

And then came Tuesday, the major primary day [that interestingly became the day for the Giants parade~ hmmm]!  There were Giants fans all over the subway stations!  They were like oddly-colored rats, but oh, the pride they had.  I made up a song for them.

Yeah.  Go Giants.
The trains were crowded as usual yesterday, but this time I wasn't there to experience the massive delays of the Lexington/7th Ave. lines!  HUZZAH!  Unfortunately, uptown 6 train riders had to deal with being shoved into a cigarette case-like situation.  Awkward.

Apparently there was an audition for NBC's Last Comic Standing on West 23rd Street that trailed around the block.  This is the info I took from NBC's Last Comic Standing site.

New York, NY - Feb. 7th
Gotham Comedy Club
208 W. 23rd St.
New York, NY 10011
TALENT SCOUTS: Richard Belzer (SVU) & Steven Schirripa (The Sopranos)

Fun.  Not fun when you have to get through that to go places though.  Not fun at all.

It was about as long as the line to buy Nintendo Wiis.

Ever seen one of those scary lampposts or poles that are so tilted, they look like they could fall and knock 15 years worth of knowledge out of your head in less than 10 seconds?  Yeah, well there's one on 23rd Street near the N/Q/R/W line and it creeps me out.

I also noticed that there a lot of wobbly pieces of concrete in that area.  They're gonna get sued one day, but that's okay because JOHNNA MONTONNA IS HERE TO MAKE US ALL FEEL BETTER!  Hooray for Disney-like parodies!  Look at her dance!  She's just so cute!

Get ready, get set, but DONT GO JOHNNA!

♥ Johnna's overly affectionate father who originally gave her a crappy name that she changed to "Johnna" because everyone called the "Johnna" anyway, Chotpy Ray Montonna

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Rayne said...

Ha ha ha...speaking of Hannahmay Montanamay, here is something you might find delightful. Feel free to show the world XD: Hannah Montana {Kids} of the World