Saturday, February 23, 2008

Using a Headset with your Cell Phone Does Make You Look Crazy

Eyyyy.  I've started to notice how weird people look when they use headsets.  The things are practically invisible, so it looks like they're talking to themselves.  The big headsets are awesome.  They make you feel like you're in a spy movie or something.  The tiny new ones aren't that cool and tend to get lost all the time.

There are a lot more rude people on the train now.  Is it really that hard to apologize to someone for bumping into them?  This lady literally bumrushed this other lady [she also managed to mess up her hair with her arm] like she didn't exist.  She didn't apologize once; she COMPLETELY ignored her.  People of New York, I know you have more sense than that.

I've also noticed an increase in people who think they can squeeze into an eight-inch space.  Look, if all the seats in a 4-person space are occupied, even if there is a tiny space, you should not try to fit in it.  You need to realize that when you do that, you make life VERY uncomfortable and lose potential friendships at the same time.  Do not try to say "excuse me" either, because if there is no room for you, we cannot magically widen the seat.  WE ARE NOT WITCHES, MAGICIANS, OR FAIRIES.  Stop being lazy and stand.  I stand when there is no space for me, so should you.

Yesterday, this lady did a great rendition of "On the Radio" for passengers on the 2 line.  It was great, but I didn't get a shot of it.  I'll just leave you with the music video.

Old school.

♥ Chotpy

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