Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Yeah!!!

Well, it's a new year, and with that, there come new goals!

Chotpy's resolutions for BAPie are:
1) To get an obscene amount of pageviews.
2) To gain a loyal group of readers!
3) To get lots of comments, because she loves reading opinions of others~
4) To change the world somehow!

I wonder what Seanny and Goodvibes' goals are~

On to other things.  I've always wondered if the unlimited Metrocards bought from the machines start the day you buy them or the day you USE them.  I really need to know because I hate paying more for those things.  

While weight loss is usually the number one resolution, I've heard that saving money has topped the list this year.  So, Chotpy has decided to point out a few places to get cheap eats and fashions in New York City.

Polash Indian Restaurant.  2179 3rd Ave.  NY, NY.  [212]410-0276
Hella good food.  I suggest the Garlic Naan, the Tandoori Chicken, and any kind of Curry.  It's such an amazing place to eat and is never crowded.  Great service as well.  Near the M101/103.  It's near 116th, I believe it's between 118th and 119th.
Kiraku Japanese Restaurant.  1948 Williamsbridge Rd.  BX, NY. [718]379-8866
Really good!  They deliver and everything.  It's one of the few Japanese restaurants in the Bronx and their fish is delicious.  The edamame's good too!  The service is pretty good depending on how decisive you are [ ^-^;] but it you pretty much know what you want, it's all good.  You can take the 8 bus there.  It's really obvious because the front of the store is red.
Au Bon Pain.  There's a bunch of them everywhere, dude..
Pretty good bread, which is obvious by the name.  Good selection of soups, but you can get cheaper fruits at the fruit stands...
Subway.  Also all over, but some are cheaper than others.
The Subway near Union Square on 14th Street gives a 10% student discount.  They also have the calories next to most of their stuff, which makes you more aware of what you're eating...
Tasty Dumpling.  54 Mulberry St.  Chinatown, NYC.
Almost every restaurant in Chinatown is cheap.  This one makes the most awesome dumplings.  Sometimes the service can be a little rude, but overall it's alright.  There's also another dumpling place around the corner that makes fried pork dumplings, but the service tends to be worse there and there's no place to sit.  However, there's more of a menu at Tasty Dumpling and there's 3 tables.  Huzzah!
Egg Custard King Cafe.  2 locations in Chinatown, closer one is 76 Mott St.  Chinatown, NYC.
Intense portions, TINY price.  The food's good, the menu makes you giggle [Horlick's and Chicken Ding lol].  What's not to love?  Go!  Share with your friends!  It's a nice place.  Try to sit away from the glass; the slamming noise gets annoying.
Silk Road Cafe.  30 Mott St.  Chinatown, NYC.
Good bubble tea and muffins.  They have grapes, too.  They hold karaoke on Friday nights, so you can get your groove on while eating.  Also an internets cafe.

•Nearly Everything in the Elizabeth Center, Chinatown.
There's an amazing amount of giftables and a few clothing stores with a nice selection.  Some of the shoe prices are painful, but about the same as Foot Locker in most cases.
• 5.7.9, Mandee, Strawberry's.  Locations around the city.
There is one on 105th Street and 3rd Ave.  Sales are good.  Women's clothes only.
• Forever 21.  One known location in Union Square [14th Street]
Good prices, cute clothes.  What's not to love?  Women's clothes only.
• The Salvation Army.  
That place is a GOLD MINE.  You can find rollerblades for $15, shirts for $5, and exercise tapes for less than $5!  There are locations throughout NYC.  Go!
• Goodwill.  Locations throughout NYC.
Prices are a bit higher than the Salvation Army, but also really good!!!  Lots of good T-shirts with fun slogans on them and cute skirts.
• Target.  2 known locations, Brooklyn [around Atlantic Ave.] and the Bronx [by the 1 train on 225th St.]
Great selection of clothes, food, and electronics.  Near lots of other great stores such as Marshall's.
•Pay Half.  Locations throughout NYC.  
You literally pay half [or less] in most cases.  Good sales as well, lots of gift selections.  Good balance of men's and women's clothes.

If anyone has more suggestions, leave a comment!


love, chotpy

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