Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jazz VS. Subway Preacher

I've seen some pretty crazy stuff in my lifetime, but today had to be the weirdest experience ever.  There was a jazz band commissioned by the MTA on one side and a random dude with a mic on the other preaching.  It was like being in Greek limbo[LOOK IT UP].  I think they were having some sort of competition to see who could be loudest.

I wonder who won.

I have also determined that the people who paint the bathrooms in the Barnes and Noble on 86th Street [3rd ave] uses weird paint that smells worse than 1,000 elephant butts filled with the gas of 100,000 beans.   It's such a drab gray too.  

Do all people walk with their feet pointing outward? 


Yesterday I saw a guy wheeling himself backwards.  I am confused.  I'm sure he could've just pushed.  Maybe he was tired.  The thing about people is that you don't know if they'll thank you or yell at you until your ears bleed, so all you do is watch.


I've noticed that less men are willing to give up their seat for a woman with many bags or a tired woman.  Sometimes they won't even give up their seat for a woman with kids.  I don't understand what the big deal is if you're not carrying anything.  The kind thing to do is to stand, but maybe it's a gender equality thing?  Can someone clarify it for me?

Well, I'm a tired maha, so I shall venture off into the depths.

The incredible inedible Chotpy ♥

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