Tuesday, January 8, 2008

20th Post!

Happy 20th post!!!

Let's get down to business!  


You know that played-out idea of wearing pants under the boo-tay?  This guy here didn't get the message that pants go over the butt.

Dear men of New York the World,
Please pull up your pants.  No one needs to see you gluteus-infused muffin top.  it's great that your underwear is black and all, but please, for the sake of the children, pull up your pants and keep them there.

All Fashionable Humankind

I also saw a dude with funky shoes.  The rest of his outfit had NOTHING to do with the genre of fashion that these shoes came from.  The silver print on the black leather shoes stood out compared to the monochromatic sneakers.


Yesterday, there were a lot of seagulls in Harlem.  It was awkward.  I've always been wary of them because they are prone to crapping on you when you least expect it.  They should be called crappergulls or something, the evil bums...

Global warming is in full effect, bringing us rain tomorrow and highs way above normal.  Rain in January, who would've thought that'd happen?

...I miss 1997, when  it snowed in January and Michael Jackson wasn't accused of giving children Jesus Juice.  Those were the days~

Until next time,  your local hostess with a large amount of city-related knowledge,

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