Sunday, January 6, 2008

Global Warming is REAL; THUNDERCATS ARE GO!!!!!!

Okay, if you don't believe that global warming is real by now, FOX News, then you must be on some other planet!  Just a few days ago, the windchill was 3 degrees Fahrenheit.  In a few days, the high is going to be in the low 60's.  Something is wrong here.  Whatever, let me act like it's not happening [though it totally ISSSSS].

So today I was down around 40-deuce street, as Sean enjoyed putting it.  I saw Juno, which was a good movie.  I recommend it to anyone who is over 16, since it's funny, but in a mature way [most of the time].  It was sold out at 66th street, so my friend and I had to buy tickets at 42nd.  We also got creative since there were nearly no seats left.  Sean, my friend and I pulled up the arm rests and turned 2 seats into a 3 person couch.  It rocked.  Getting to 42nd was nice, I stared at the lights between 59th and 50th street.  I felt like a mosquito...

Sooo pretty.
Well, when I got down to 42, my friend and I were mesmerized[as usual] by the lights there too.  I never noticed how annoying everything there is.  Everything is just so flashy, overpriced, and touristy.  I think I've discussed this before in previous entries.  It's not their fault [?], they're just doin' what they can to make money, ne? Anywho, the many marquees and flashing lights make the streetlights obsolete.  I think the city would save thousands a year by cuttin' those off.

I'm sorry, Pink...

We bought out tix an hour early so that we wouldn't be screwed over again.  Totally worth the money[go during the matinee and save $4].

I Love New York's reunion is on.  There's a homophobe an hour into the show, it's really weird and annoying xD I didn't expect it at all.  It was one of those random guys no one remembers.  He just decided to interrupt Pretty's conversation with Buddha and the others and talk about how protecting another man is gay[?].  Isn't that how bros act with each other?  I thought good buds[brohams and the like] stood up for each other.  I don't understand people like that x_x.  Wow.  This show is crazy.  You know what else is crazy?  The Jonas Brothers.  Props to my good friend for finding this.  Whoa, DEJA VU.

...People are ignorant.

And there's the lesson for today.

Peoples be ignant, yo.  Foshizz.


♥♥♥ Chotpy ♥♥♥

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thrila said...

i was in times square one night at like 3 am and it didnt occur to me that it was actually night time because those darn lights are so bright