Friday, January 11, 2008

BAPie's Subway Tips for Tourists and Regulars

Holla!  Today, I shall give tips you'll need to keep the peace on the train.  Lately there have been a lot of disturbing people on the train and it's not fun being around them, so if you do decide to go on the train, try your hardest not to disturb anyone.
When on the train, please:

• don't stamp your feet.
People sleep on the train and the noise wakes them up.  People get cranky when this happens.  This also attracts unwanted attention.  Keep your feet on the ground or in the air, it's your choice.

• quiet your children.
Nobody likes it when a kid is screaming, especially when the parent sits there and does NOTHING.  If your child starts yelling, whether it's screaming "I LOVE YOU" or "I WANT COOKIES," please clam them down.

• don't yell or curse at people you don't know.
That kinda stuff is rude.  This dude called someone [it could've been me =_=*] a dumbass when we were getting off the train.  People start fights over things like that.  If you're trying to be the bigger person, be quiet or say something calmly.  There's no better way to solve a problem than to do it without causing more problems.

• don't dance.
PLEEEASE don't dance.  I've seen people do the one-person grind on the train.  It's annoying to be the one sitting down in front of them.  It's also awkward to watch someone dance with the door.  It's even worse when you look like you're having a withdrawal issue: 

• turn your cellphone volume down.
We don't want to hear your twinkly ringtones or your entire conversation.  In fact, Boost Mobile is the bane of my existence.  Every time a BM user gets on the train, they have that walkie talkie function on FULL BLAST, and it's usually at night.  TURN IT DOWN.

• keep your voice down.
This is perhaps the most irritating thing, especially when added to the cellphone volume.  People like to yell and scream, but the other riders just want to sleep.  I try to be quiet when I'm with friends, so for the comfort of others, shouldn't you try as well?

• don't get drunk or smoke.
Drunk people slump over and lean on people.  It's not fun.  It's really scary, and the fact that they could throw up is not at all comforting.  Please don't come on the train when you're drunk.  Get a taxi or have a sleepover.  Don't smoke either.  The police will come after you.  This applies most to tourists.

•don't hold the doors open.
Everyone knows this one, but they still do it.  Realize that you hold up 500+ people when you hold the doors open.  'Nuff said.

So, dear people and tourists, remember these tips for riding the subway without trouble.  I must also warn you that the delays are depressing.  Here's an example from yesterday when the 6 local train went express to 86th street from 125th street, holding a 4 express train in the station for almost 10 minutes.

Delays have become a part of life, though New Yorkers absolutely despise the MTA for them.  We're working on it.

Well, that's all for today.  I shall leave you with this!

♥ Chotpy!!!


Rayne said...

All tourist should take this advice; its all so true. This was by far the funniest post ever. :D

thrila said...

wow, well i got this lady one time who was rapping on the train. i thought she was listening to something because she had headphones on, but lo and behold the plug was on the ground. >.> <.<

see you tomorrow in class