Sunday, December 30, 2007

Corrections, Etc.

In my last post I said that the 2 train's rider report card result had been thrown out. This was untrue; I found the results at Second Ave. Sagas.

" The 2 landed a C and the 3 a C-minus. ...

As with a few of the other lines, I’m a bit stumped by the train announcements. The 2 got a C-minus for train announcements that are easy to hear. All of the 2 trains are the new R142s with the automatic announcements. If riders can’t hear those announcements, I’m inclined to believe that their ears — and not the trains — are at fault.

Meanwhile, I’m a veteran of all of these train lines. I grew up near the 96th St. express stop and now live near the Grand Army Plaza stop. These trains are often way too crowded, and the constant weekend service changes in Manhattan are driving its riders more than a little crazy.

5,124 riders graded the 2 line. Here are the results...
Minimal delays during trips C
Reasonable wait times for trains C
Adequate room on board at rush hour D+
Sense of security in stations C
Sense of security on trains C
Working elevators and escalators in stations C-
Signs in stations that help riders find their way C+
Signs in subway cars that help riders find their way C+
Cleanliness of stations C-
Cleanliness of subway cars C
Station announcements that are easy to hear D+
Station announcements that are informative D+
Train announcements that are easy to hear C-
Train announcements that are informative C-
Lack of graffiti in stations C+
Lack of graffiti in subway cars B-
Lack of scratchitti in subway cars C+
Courtesy and helpfulness of station personnel C
Comfortable temperature in subway cars C+
Ease of use of subway turnstiles B-
Availability of MetroCard Vending Machines B-
Overall performance C

The delays really should've gotten a D, but whatever, a C is close enough. Also, announcements aren't usually easy to hear; the conductors usually have many problems with the loudspeakers.

BTW, if you see people begging for money on the train, think twice about giving them money.  There are other ways to help them, such as donating to charities and coat drives. 

So, as the fare for unlimited and other Metrocards increases, try to have a happy new year.


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