Saturday, December 15, 2007

life happens.......

so i was on my way to work when (bum bum bum!!!!).. the trains dont kinda early so i decide to call my boss and let them know what happend. i report 2 line doesnt work. as im talking to my boss, i over hear another guy talking to his girl about how there was an thinking (wtf....another one!!!) i walk to the 4 5 6 line cuz they stop near my job....turns out...ITS ALSO F-ED UP!! by this point im getting pissed...i ask a cop to see wth had happened turns out theres a manhole explosion on 149th.....right where all those trains

i text chopty to see if she knew anything, turns out the cop was right. there were no casualtys. so im down to my last resort...take the D. i run to the bus which is packed by angry passengers who dont know whats going on, and head on...once i get to the D, i relax...but i like around and everyones staring at a dragqueen who sat like (DAM....LEAVE THAT HE/SHE/THING ALONE!!!....YALL ACTING LIKE YALL NEVA SEEN ONE BEFORE!!!)
i finally make it to the bronx, and had to take another packed bus, and im still texting chopty. im an hour late to work, and im hungry as a mofo...i make it...but my boss is like...i told u wat

the lesson i learned....just call in im joking....always have a back up plan cuz u never know....

dont forget to pull up ur pants....

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