Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Shall Whine at the Masses~

Good morning! I have been a lazy buttcluck! I have researched the K train and I think the MTA was just being lazy and ran out of D train labels...I've seen some crazy stuff but geez MTA, stop bein' so lazy.  However, if the K train does make a comeback, I wish to RIDE IT!!!

>:d In other news, Chotpy[I be speakin in 3rd person] has been riding daily, and has many gripes...

Look at this space here between these to people:
Now, I am at a pretty normal weight for a person my height, some say I'm skinny or whatever, but I had the courtesy to stand up despite the ten or so inches of open space.  Who [besides a child] can fit in there?  NO ONE!  DO NOT SIT THERE IF THERE IS NOWHERE FOR THE PEOPLE TO MOVE!  This lady comes on and asks them to move and inches her way into the seat.  Uncomfortableness ensues.

NUMERO DOS, what is with people playing their music on their cellphones without buying headphones for it?  DUDE, if you can afford the cellphone and the bill, you can afford some $20 headphones.  YAAARRRRR!!!

I officially cannot stand people who walk slowly.  Maybe it's just because I've grown up in NYC, but every time I walk down 42nd street, I want to yell at people like this dude does to his cats.
 ~_~ tourists...

Last thing, don't complain about the fact that people can't go into the train when there's a flood coming out.  That's just some serious douchebaggery.  Everyone has to wait to get inside, so don't make it worse by actin a fool and complaining.  I swear, someone with Tourette's is gonna get on the train one day.



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