Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Post!

Well, this is the first post.  BApie is done by those who live in New York City.  We(the writers) were born and raised here, and there is a lot to be found.

First off, I would like to request that people not touch themselves when travelling.  No, I do not mean you cannot poke someone.  I'm talking about that full-on trying to discreetly [OR NOT] put you hand in your pants, whether it is through a pocket or not.  No one pays $2 to watch someone do that on the train.  If you want to do it at home or at a friend's, GO RIGHT AHEAD.  Don't do it on my train, please.

Now, I've seen this dude twice so I guess he was onto me when i decided to attempt to take a pic/vid of him [so the rest of the world would be able to see who they should avoid when on the train] and turned away.  
Luckily the hand was still there for the REST of the train to see.  HUZZAH.

Well, here's his hand in all its greatness.

Isn't he just the most unsuspicious of all characters?
Well at least you know what this one is wearing.  

Look out, NYC!  Man in khakis is out to discreetly stroke his wookie in front of you!
I, Chotpy, greatly enjoy icons.  Here's one to show how I felt when I witnessed this dude.

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neolink_ said...

The "stroke-my-wookie-in-my-khakis" man has a lot in common with children in elementary school. They think by publicly doing that in the false safety of their pocket they can get away with it, however, they never know everyone around him is aware of what he's doing no matter how many people stare at him.