Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New and upcoming R&B sensation- Alice Smith

Greetings from Mister-Goodvibes your main source for Indie music. For my first music review I decided to discuss the musical talent of up and coming artist Alice Smith. The New York base artist Alice smith was born in 1979, like New York her music is a melting pot. She cleverly brings the sounds of R&B, Folk, and rock into her music. With her wide range and fearless vocals she pulls her listeners into breathtaking environment where you can feel every note and slur in her voice. Ms. Smith has released her 1st album ( For Lovers, Dreamers and me ) in 2006 and her 1st single called Dream was featured in a episode of Entourage (season 4)
Within her album Smith provides a variety of sounds from gentle love songs to hardcore or drowsy ballads. With such a refreshing sound and provoking lyrics Alice smith is definitely an artist to keep your eyes one in the years to come. Her album is available on Itunes , Amazon, Rhapsody and other music sources. To find out more about Alice smith visit