Sunday, December 16, 2007

Horrible Weather, America's Smartest Model, + Fashion!!!

Wow, so I'm totally disappointed in who won on America's Most Smartest Model...  I wanted Ruski to win 'cause he was cute.  I do admit that his attitude was a car accident.  Still, I would wreck that dude if I were 10 years older.  


In other news, the weather is crap.  How do you keep warm and fashionable?  Hmmm...  There's nothing left to do but shop!!!!!
I've noticed a lot of people wearing fur coats and hats this year.  Here are some cute fur options~

Fuzzy bomber hats are very cute.  you can find them in many colors and styles online or in Chinatown...

I have also seen many people in these fur coats...I know they can be acquired around 34th street.

Honestly, I'm an advocate of not raping the skin off of an animal, so I stick to the faux fur.  It's cheaper and just as cute.  

The skinny jean trend has been going on for a long time, which makes me wonder about what the next trend will be.  I feel like all these constant changes are crazy and like New York doesn't step up its game as much as other fashion cities.  Places like Paris and Korea have some serious street style, though I do admit that Koreans tend to go too crazy with the heels.

If I were living in Korea, I'd end up being a B-girl and walk around like this all day:

I decided to look at some horrible fashion donts from Hiphoper while I was there gettin' the above pic.

First off, I have never liked New Balance sneakers.  The front of their sneakers have never gotten along with me...I know they're not fashion sneakers, but people wear them as if they are and it ruins their outfit!
Secondly, this child knows she needs to throw that sweater in the dryer about 30 times and cut that shirt down to size.  And that hat makes her head look like a mushroom...
As Andre 3000 says in "Hey Ya", I'm just being honest...


I have to go YBF on this lady.

THIS IS SOME SERIOUS KOREAN FOOLYWANG!  What is this lady wearing?!  Seriously, leggings are not pants, and they look worse on anyone who doesn't have the legs for it.  She looks like a grandma from the '80s with that shirt.  The bangs don't compliment her face either and she needs smaller glasses.  

FYI, if you want to pull off leggings as pants, try a sweater dress such as these:

They're both from Forever 21 (online and in store--there's one on Union Square if you were wondering).  The red one is $22.80; the gray one is $17.80.  These are much more flattering than a shirt that comes above the waist when wearing leggings because leggings make every part of your crotch area intensely obvious.  

One more fashion faux pas from Hiphoper:


Well that's all for today!  Enjoy sloshing around in what's left of snow!

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