Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Like Batman, Shoes, and...La La La...?

There's a lot of fashion hidden from the pages of The Sartorialist.  I just have to get the courage to ask the fashionistas if I can shoot some pics of them.  For now, I have some SHOES!  Yay.
I found this one on 110th Street.  Nice.  I love the way it looks buttoned, but they're a bit too high for my tastes.
If I were taller, I'd attempt.  

Then I saw this guy at 149th Street (Bronx) with some gray/lime green sneakers with striped matching laces.
You go, child.

In other news, I have respect for a man who held the doors for people who were 6 miles away from the train.  This dude holds the door for 30 seconds, some dude runs in and he lets go.  The dude APOLOGIZES!  I couldn't be mad at him for that.  Some guy yells, "Superman!  You should wear an 'S' on your chest!"
The dude responded, "Thanks.  I like Batman more."

And last, but not least,  I GRIPE!

Today, I secretly kick those who exit a train downstairs, slowly climb the MTA stairs, and make people miss the train upstairs.  I KICK YOU!!!  YARRR!

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Twilight said...

Those boots would go better with a slim, black dress. I'm not much of a fan of boots on denim.

And Batman wouldn't hold train doors open... he doesn't take trains.