Saturday, December 29, 2007

The 2 Train SUCKS.

Okay, anyone who lives on the 2 train line BETTER FILL OUT THEIR RIDER REPORT CARDS NEXT YEAR!!!!
I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN SO MANY DELAYS IN 6 MONTHS IN MY LIFE!  Yesterday was my party and I almost lost my room reservation because the train delayed for FORTY MINUTES!  What is so horrible that the MTA has to strand 300+ passengers?  You know what?  The MTA needs to form a better method of catching criminals and helping sick passengers.  It should really not take 30 minutes to do anything.  Doesn't the MTA know that people WORK?  They should be way more efficient.  If there is a problem, get the person out of the train and then KEEP IT MOVING!  People have PLACES TO BE!!!!!!  YARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I'm just so mad. The train delayed again, of course...-_-;  Waiting for a train to cross in front of it?  What was the train crossing for?!  


FILL OUT YOUR RIDER REPORT CARDS.  Do you know what they did with the ones for the 2 train?  They THREW THEM OUT.  That's because there weren't enough people who actually cared about filling out their report cards.  Also, there weren't people handing them out in the correct way.  There were many people who just left them on a ledge and didn't hand them out.  Jerks.  I picked one up from the floor.  Sigh.

So if you ride the 2 train, do yourself a favor and fill out the rider report card!  If you want to do it online, it's right here.  JUST DO IT.

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