Saturday, December 8, 2007

Babies on the Train, Weirdos and Hamsters

Well, yesterday I was out late at an arcade as usual.  I was coming home on the train, expecting to get a nice sleep.  That didn't happen, thanks to the "LOOK AT MY DANCE" girl. Not only did she repeat those words every other second, but she was drooling and screaming and the mother did nothing but enjoy this.  Meanwhile, half the car woke up and stared at her...

I guess I fell asleep during one of the intervals of her yelling.  The point is, don't let your kids be loud on the train.  That's just RUDE.

In other news, people are weird at night.  I think these dudes were drunk and were singing the weirdest version of the oldie, Shout.  It must've been weird for the people at 42nd street.
Check it.

I also went to PETCO with my friend the other day [which totally made me late for my early time to work...] and saw the cutest albino mice.  They are ADORABLE.  I do not understand why people hate mice...

And the Chinchilla comment...That was this here.  This is the Diego Chinchilla.
This is a real chinchilla.

WTF!  The Diego one looks like a lemur!

Maybe it's just me.  I'm just not feeling the chinchillaness, dude...


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neolink_ said...

The New York transportation system is far more entertaining than any other, I think. All in one day you get the my-retarded-boyfriend's-condom-broke daughter, and a drunk Tarzan. What the hell, indeed.