Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chotpy's Christmas Gift


Since Seany boy has already given a Christmas story, I come bearing gifts.

Here are some fun things I've seen around the city.

1) Steel Wool Balls, available at your local Abercrombie!

2) Cock Flavored soup!  Tasty.

3) Catch the mistake.

4) LOL.  Donate.

Ever wondered what to buy your pet on Christmas?  Go for the pet beds, which are pretty much available everywhere.  We found ours at Lot Less, which is near City Hall.  It's a great place.  My cat loves the thing and I just gave him it this morning.  Look at him bask in the warm sunlight.

Hehe.  Well I'm done.  It is Christmas, after all.  Merry Christmas to all!!!  GO GET SOME CORNBREAD!


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