Monday, December 10, 2007 comes

So I've finally decided to show my face.....or in more correct terms, my words. For anyone who must know, I'm the infamous Sean K also known as Sean Kaoz. My lil homie Chopty recruited me for this and thus i came into existence. So whats there to say? i've never blogged before but i guess i could give it that old college try.

I was recently inspired by an artist I happen to stumble upon (not through firefox, lol) We meet on a site and I checked out his website. I find his work quite amazing. seeing as I've been stagnate in the art world and haven't produced anything in a while, I also found it inspiring. I've been in a rut, and as hard as it is to admit this, Gwen was right. if you recently happen to see her new hp commercial, you'll know that "its just that simple and its just that hard..."
Check it:click here
Heres that artist:click here

But other than that, I'm a simple kinda guy. though I'm notoriously known for being emo, I have my reasons. Hopefully our lil bapie will transmutate till something huge. I guess thats good for now. once I get a grasp on this thing called life, and the blogging thing I'll be back till then...never forget to pull up your pants....


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